Modern Day Miracles? Book by Dave Miller, Ph.D.


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Modern Day Miracles?

Anyone who believes the Bible knows that God performed many miracles in history—beginning with the creation of the entire Universe out of nothing by speaking it into existence (Psalm 33:6,9). No one who believes the Bible would deny that miracles have happened in the past. But do they happen now? Can anyone today actually raise someone from the dead? Are severed arms or legs being restored to the injured? Is eyesight being instantaneously given to those blind from birth? What does the Bible say?

This book explains:

  • The biblical definition of miracles
  • The Bible’s stated purpose of miracles
  • How long God intended miracles to last
  • The role of tongue-speaking
  • The purpose of Holy Spirit baptism
  • Whether apostles exist today
  • What it means to be “spiritual”

Modern Day Miracles? book contains:

  • Discussions of key passages
  • 200 review questions for Bible class and private study
  • Helpful illustrative charts
  • Extensive endnotes

105 pages, paperback

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