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All of mankind are one big family. And this book provides a biblical explanation to where we all came from.


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We’re All One Big Family

The truth about where we all came from.

The Bible’s true account of history, that all people everywhere are closely related, and are made in the image of their Creator is one of the most heartwarming and affirming messages than any person can hear. This book tells the story of our true human origins and the very first family—Adam and Eve. In the process it will help unwind many of the things that children hear and see via evolutionary stories on TV or even through their education.

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Ages 6-14

2 reviews for One Big Family | Book | Gary & Francis Bates | CMI

  1. RG

    This book is very insulting to white people. It states that we are all brown but some have lost pigmentation over time…that blue eyes are not really blue but just brown eyes that have lost pigmentation. I’m all about treating everyone equally, but don’t put down one group of people down in order to elevate another.

  2. Kally Horn

    This book is not saying that any group of people are better. The point is that genetically, blue eyes are due to a mutation which reduces the amount of melanin produced in the eye tissue. It is not about evolving one way or another. This is a trait that has been passed down, and in some locations can be traced back to specific individuals introducing this variation to the gene pool. This is science, not racism. The material is presented well, in a way all ages will appreciate.

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