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If you have heard that there is no evidence for the Exodus, or for Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt, prepare for a whole new view of history!

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Evidence for the historicity of the Exodus brought to light!

Packed theaters and overflow crowds stunned many cinema operators. Nearly one-hundred thousand people showed up on a single evening to view this paradigm-shattering documentary. Why? Because this multi-award winning film answers key questions in a way that no other film ever has before.

God’s rescue of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt is one of the most ridiculed and disbelieved accounts in all Scripture – outside of Genesis. In fact, most archaeologists today believe there is no evidence that the Exodus ever happened. That’s why this fascinating, evidence-revealing movie is so important! You will witness the personal faith-journey of the film’s producer as he moves in and out of dangerous Middle Eastern countries. And you will see what led to his exuberant realization that the exodus of millions of Israelites out of Egypt really happened!

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus unlocks the mystery and reveals evidence that matches and confirms the biblical account. If you have heard that there is no evidence for the Exodus, or for Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt, prepare for a whole new view of history!

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With striking on-location archaeological cinematography and stunning animation, The Exodus features guest appearances by Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres, narration by Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules), and interviews with leading archaeologists including Israel Finkelstein, Kent Weeks, Bryant Wood, and David Rohl.

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One needs to be careful about jumping on the bandwagon of any chronological revision of Egypt that seemingly solves all the problems. It’s all too easy to be convinced before one hears any contradictory information. The fact that there are a plethora of views among good, Bible-believing scholars, only serves to highlight just how difficult this all is. Obviously, they cannot all be correct. And while not supporting one person’s particular revision, this documentary clearly demonstrates the overdue need for a revision. For the Bible-believing Christian, this documentary is well made, worth seeing and should be an encouragement.
– Gary Bates, CMI International

Overall, I very much liked the film and my impression is that it was very well produced and thought out. In short, it was a very high quality production and has great potential to be effective for those on the fence about the historical account of the Exodus in the Bible…The film does an excellent job of putting the question of the historical exodus back on the table and in the thoughts among those in the general public, and perhaps even some scholars who are open minded.
– Ted Wright, Cross

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1 review for Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus | DVD | Tim Mahoney

  1. Paipat

    This movie was so well done, I want to have a copy for my library! I have always had a sense of curiosity about HOW the movements of thousands of people left no trace of artifacts, garbage, etc. for those living today! This movie did an excellent job answering such questions AND showing artifacts. I had faith before -but this just furthermore allows me to establish that faith with facts! Thank you for your hard work!

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