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Plate Tectonics: A Different View | Book | John K Reed | CRS, This book offers a compelling argument that neither uniformitarian nor catastrophic plate tectonics has the evidence needed to support the broad explanatory power that makes them so popular. Like the book says, “A theory that purports to explain everything, must.” For anyone with questions about this issue, this book provides many answers and a coherent opposition to plate tectonics.


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Plate Tectonics: A Different View Book

For many years, creationists have debated the role of plate tectonics in Earth history. Some creationists accept plate tectonics in a catastrophic form, and believe that those events were a part of the Genesis Flood. However, others remain skeptical, and a new CRS technical monograph, Plate Tectonics: A Different View, presents their position.

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1 review for Plate Tectonics: A Different View Book by John K Reed | CRS – Geology

  1. A.H. (verified owner)

    For those of you who believe 100% in PT/CPT, then this book will challenge your beliefs. I almost didn’t buy this book because I was such a firm believer in PT (minus the millions of years), but I’m very glad I bought this book. Though this book is a little dated on some things (e.g the geologic column/megasequences. Back in 2000 when this book was published, creationists were skeptical of the geologic column and how it could fit into the Flood/creation framework. Tim Clarey’s book, Carved in Stone, shows how the geologic column is real and actually proves the Flood), it thoroughly shows that PT and CPT have problems. It was interesting to read this book after I read Carved in Stone, and I encourage people to read both books to get a thorough understanding of PT/CPT and the problems associated with both.

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