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The soundtrack to the award-nominated DVD documentary, Refracted Glory, where David Rives dives into the centuries of intrigue surrounding hummingbirds.


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Enjoy the music from the Refracted Glory film, and more!

Enjoy the original score composed for “Refracted Glory” in which Hudelson and Jamrozik conduct a musical adventure as dynamic as hummingbirds themselves.

With over an hour of music, seven Album Exclusive tracks, plus Bonus Tracks, including audio of hummingbirds in flight, this Refracted Glory album is sure to please the ears of the listener time and again!

From the Refracted Glory audience:

“I’m whistling the Refracted Glory music — it’s stuck in my head.”
“It’s just sounds so cool!”
“The music is really good. You’re all into what they’re saying [in the film] and then you realize the music is still going.”

A Note from the Host, David Rives:

I was approached by Benjamin Owen, an award-winning filmmaker, in Dickson, TN about hosting a feature length documentary on Hummingbirds. As I began to do some preliminary research for the project, I realized that there has never been a documentary made about hummingbirds from a “design” perspective. These incredible creatures are so tiny, yet their capabilities are truly marvelous in every way!

The films in the past that have aired on PBS and nature channels have been consistently from an evolutionary perspective, assuming that hummingbirds arose by means of natural selection over millions upon millions of years. This film “Refracted Glory” is not only inspirational and educational, but NOTHING LIKE IT HAS EVER BEEN PRODUCED… Until now!

Join me on this journey of discovery by ordering your copy today. With expert interviews, an original film score, animations, slow-motion video, and hosted and narrated by your’s truly!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Audio CD


Over 1 hour!


All ages!


Bonus tracks, including: – Hummingbird sounds – Music not on the Documentary

1 review for Refracted Glory: The Official Soundtrack CD by Bradley Jamrozik and Gabriel Hudelson | BWF – Music

  1. Joshua Hoppman

    I really enjoyed this particular soundtrack album! It’s got gorgeous flute melodies, a jovial main theme, and unique instrumentation reminiscent of John Powell scores.

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