Rethinking Worldview | Book | J. Mark Bertrand

Everyone has a worldview. How did we get it? How is it formed? Rethinking Worldview explores these questions and many others!


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Rethinking Worldview: Learning to Think, Life, And Speak in this World

Everyone has a worldview. How did we get it? How is it formed? Is it possible by persuasion and logic to change one’s worldview?

In Rethinking Worldview, writer and worldview teacher J. Mark Bertrand has a threefold aim. First, he seeks to capture a more complex, nuanced appreciation of what worldviews really are. Then he situates worldviews in the larger context of a lived faith. Finally, he explores the organic connections between worldview and wisdom and how they are expressed in witness.

Bertrand’s work reads like a conversation, peppered with anecdotes and thought-provoking questions that push readers to continue thinking and talking long after they have put the book down. Thoughtful readers interested in theology, philosophy, and culture will be motivated to rethink their own perspectives on the nature of reality, as well as to rethink the concept of worldviews itself.

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Format: Paperback
Page Count: 256
Audience: Highschool-Adult

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