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In Science Confirms a Young Earth, watch Austrailian-born geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling reveals the faulty logic of some evidence interpretation methods.

Rocks are ultimately dated by methods that measure radioactivity. Yet these are based on three unprovable assumptions – initial conditions, subsequent contamination, and the decay rate of the parent atoms. Copious examples demonstrate that the assumptions used by evolutionary scientists are not even reasonable. And even the measurements today of the decay rates are not trustworthy. So the radioactive dating methods are flawed. Instead, there is much evidence that confirms the earth is young, just as the Bible clearly teaches.

Ken Ham and Andrew Snelling spoke at the reEngage Conference in Australia in 2017. ReEngage is an annual conference organized by Operation 513 that is designed to encourage Christians to re-engage in their church; in their community and in their culture. Each year the conference hosts Godly and passionate, local and global speakers, who will provide vibrate teaching, practical apologetics and a Gospel-centred world-view.

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Format: DVD
Run Time: 62 minutes
Subtitles: English
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Snelling
Audience: Adults and Teens

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