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In Science VS Evolution, Miller sets forth modern scientific evidence that decisively refutes evolution, revealing fundamental flaws in its central tenets.


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Science VS Evolution: Where does the evidence lead?

In Science VS Evolution Dr. Jeff Miller, has completed a lengthy analysis in which he methodically examines the laws of science and their implications regarding naturalistic evolution. Discovering fundamental flaws in five of the central tenets of evolution, Dr. Jeff sets forth modern scientific evidence that decisively refutes evolution. In the process, the evidence strongly supports biblical Creation and the existence of God.

Consisting of nearly 300 colorful pages, with pictures, tables, and illustrations, the book also contains useful author and subject indices for easy reference. Review questions at the end of each chapter make the book conducive to classroom use. A special section of the book consists of six appendices that address 21 of the typical quibbles levied against creationists.

Destined to be a classic, Science VS Evolution is a “must have” for those who desire to withstand the intimidation tactics of evolutionary scientists and college professors who ridicule the Bible’s depiction of origins. All young people, especially high school and college students, need this book. Adults should also arm themselves with the power-packed knowledge this book provides. Christians have nothing to fear from the atheistic, secular attack on the truth of God and His Creation. Indeed, the evidence “declares the glory of God.”

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1 review for Science vs. Evolution Book by Jeff Miller, Ph.D. | AP – Creation/Evolution/General Science

  1. Paul Holland

    Dr. Jeff Miller has recently written a book that would provide a substantial resource for such a curriculum. His book, Science vs. Evolution, takes a look at several major scientific laws and shows how they invariably refute the theory of evolution. Although Miller has done extensive work in bio-thermal sciences and biomechanics, he writes on a level that the average adult can understand (not always true of Stephen Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt which is heavy in biological and genetic terms).

    Miller does not argue for creation by saying, “Genesis 1:1 says God created the earth. God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” A scientist would look at our world from the perspective of the laws of science. Philosophers of science have long argued that the law of rationality, the law of excluded middle, and similar laws of thought have argued against the theory of evolution. Miller’s book is unique (at least among my library books) in that he looks at laws of science.

    So, Miller emphasizes in chapter 1 that “laws” are unchangeable and undeniable. They have stood the test of time. Then, in chapters 2 and following, he examines the laws of energy (thermodynamics), the law of causality, probability, biogenesis, and genetics.

    You can understand Miller’s book without having a strong education in the sciences. He explains concepts well and uses common illustrations to help get the point across. This book could be used in a high school classroom as well as a college level class and above. It is printed in color, which makes it more attractive and appealing to the modern millennial. Chapters have review questions, making it helpful in the class.

    Half the book is a review of scientific laws but the other half deals with frequent “quibbles” against the Christians’ arguments. Chapters in the front of the book refer the reader to such discussions in the back of the book, making for a more thorough discussion of the concepts. -Paul Holland

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