Scientific Evidences for Creation DVD by Frank Sherwin | ICR – Creation/Evolution

For over a century, many have looked down on creationism, viewing it as unscientific, and evolution was placed on a pedestal claiming the facts support it.


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Scientific Evidences for Creation DVD

For more than a century, a number of conventional scientists have looked down on young earth creationism, viewing it as unscientific and without evidence. In contrast, evolutionary theory has been placed on a pedestal with claims that it is a wholly scientific idea backed by immutable facts. But are these claims true? Join ICR zoologist Frank Sherwin as he discusses the idea that the theory of evolution is less scientific that the general public is led to believe and the points to several evidences that support the truth of creationism.

Can science and faith be reconciled? What should we believe about the Bible’s account of human origins and Earth history? ICR’s Creation Class series affirms the accuracy and reliability of Scripture. Join ICR experts as they teach how science – from genetics to geology – confirms the truth of God’s Word.

Running Time: 31 Minutes

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