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In this episode, Noah travels to one of the few active volcanoes in the contiguous United States to see why it’s called, “God’s gift to creationists.”

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In this episode, Noah travels to one of the few active volcanoes in the contiguous United States to see why it’s called, “God’s gift to creationists.”  Through cataclysmic events back in the 1980s, similar geologic features worldwide can now be explained by the Flood using Mount St. Helens as a scale model.  Noah explores each of these features at the mountain, including a huge lava cave and lava cast forests.  The features found here can help us understand catastrophic processes that were thought by secular scientists to take millions of years taking only hours or days.

Learn How:
-The events at Mount St. Helens show rapid strata formation and erosion
-Other huge canyons such as the Grand Canyon, can be explained through catastrophic processes
-The massive coal beds were formed quickly during the Flood
-The catastrophe at Spirit Lake explains other petrified forests, like at Yellowstone
-God created life on earth to recover quickly after the Flood

Format: DVD
Length: 44:53
Ages: 8-18
Published: 2012

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2 reviews for Awesome Science Ep. 5: Explore Mount St. Helens DVD by Noah Justice | ASM – Children’s DVDs/Geology

  1. What kid doesn’t think a volcano is cool? My kids sure do! I was excited for them to learn more about Mt. St. Helens. It’s important for them to begin learning real information about real places- not just generalized info on the Earth’s phenomenons. And were they ever excited!

    As Noah Justice took them on another journey to see God’s miracles, they sat in awe. Apple just soaks in all the information. She loves science and I’m always amazed by all the facts she remembers from the Awesome Science episodes. I think the terrific visuals provided on the DVDs works well for both Speedy and Apple. The DVD format keeps them interested and helps them to understand the information.

    Of course we love the study guides as well. They help us to review the information later to make sure the kids understood the information. It also helps that Noah Justice is just 14. They would much rather learn from another “kid” than from an adult. It keeps it “cool.” These episodes are just right for a home school science lesson from a creation viewpoint. The short videos work well into our school day.

    The highlight of Episode 5 Mt. St. Helens was watching Noah Justice go underground in his fedora. Apple couldn’t wait for him to say “Science- it’s awesome!” I can say that these Awesome Science videos always teach me something new too! If you are planning a staycation this year- take in the Awesome Science DVDs. It will be like taking a world tour from your living room!

    I received this DVD and study guide from New Leaf Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

  2. I was pretty excited to review this episode. Something about volcanoes has always intrigued me since I was a kid. I remember when Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. At the time of the eruption I had a cousin who was living in Washington. When he moved to Colorado a few months afterwards I was even more intrigued listening to him tell me all he knew about the subject. I spent a lot of time at the library checking out books about volcanoes. It was a lot of fun.

    Learning about the catastrophic event of Mt. St. Helens that occurred and the fact that it became a literal living laboratory that was observed and left evidence for scientist to see and study. That it doesn’t take millions of years to form canyon, coal, petrified wood.
    Kids, teens, and parents you will get and in depth study that will support the evidence of the Biblical account of the flood.
    As with all the Awesome Science series the sight are amazing. This has been my family’s favorite in this series. The tunnels, caves, and the explosions made the DVD leave you in awe of God’s awesome power.

    I was given the study guide to look through and review. I would say this is more suited for older kids/teens. I also feel that you can adjust it easily enough for younger kids without too much hassle. The study guide that accompanies the DVD includes word lists, key concepts, Fill in the blank section, true and false section, and a Biblical study guide and much more. The questions are centered on the movie and the guide is well thought out and a good companion for the DVD series.

    My only complaint is the size of the book. As a homeschooler with many books I would have loved to see a larger book so it doesn’t get lost in my books or I would love for it to fit inside the video DVD case. That is minor complaint compared to the quality of this production. That’s just what happens when you have books all over your house

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