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In this episode, see Noah travel to Eastern Oregon and explore the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

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In this episode, see Noah Justice travel to Eastern Oregon and explore the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.  It’s here that thousands of feet of Columbia River Basalt are exposed by a major erosional event, most likely the global flood.  John Day Fossil Beds are also have the largest collection of mammal fossils in the world.  These fossils are supposed millions of years old, yet they show very little change from present mammals.  Noah will dig for fossils and explore cool locations such as the Palisades, the Painted Hills, and Picture Gorge.  He’ll show strong evidence for this area being formed and eroded quickly just a few thousand years ago.

Learn How:
-What conditions near the end of the Flood would have caused massive amounts of magma to escape to the surface and build layers quickly
-There is very little evidence for major evolution in the fossil record
-The Flood would have caused chaos in the layers of sediments
-The Flood explains water and wind gaps
– See that fossil leaves show quick burial and fossilization at the beginning of the Flood

Format: DVD
Length: 35:40
Ages: 8-18
Published: 2012

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2 reviews for Awesome Science Ep. 6: Explore John Day Fossil Beds DVD by Noah Justice | ASM – Children’s DVDs/Geology

  1. I was a part of a conversation just a few days ago that involved someone making the bold claim that no one had ever presented any scientific proof that creationism could be true. Not only does that statement show a lack of research done by that person, but it also greatly illustrates the need for series and books such as the Awesome Science with Noah Justice series. Those of us who believe in a literal 6 day creation period should be well equipped to defend our position. Our family has been incredibly blessed to be allowed to review this entire series and I’m thankful that I have the resources on hand to start teaching my children not only what we believe but that it absolutely CAN be backed up with scientific evidence. The Bible and science can walk hand and hand. This is why I’m excited to be able to share with you my review of the last episode of the second season, Awesome Science with Noah Justice: Explore the John Day Fossil Beds.

    Over 15,000 feet thick, the government declared national monument the John Day Fossil Beds gives us evidence that the layers that are visible were laid down fast due to a global flood, just as the Bible teaches.

    Noah Justice, son of Kyle Justice, a producer of videos for the likes of National Geographic, takes us on another on location journey to the Pacific Northwest to investigate the geologic formations and their contents. He shows how there cannot have been hundreds of thousands of years between the laying down of each layer of the monument, otherwise we would see evidence of erosion. He discusses, in depth, how the massive amounts of water present during the Genesis flood would have caused many great changes in the Earth’s landscape. You will explore the grand fossil beds alongside Noah and get up close looks at the layers of sediment and basalt.

    One of the things that I especially enjoy about this series is how it uses modern day catastrophic events, such as earthquakes and volcanic activity and changes, to show exactly how many of the geologic events that are deemed to have taken extremely long time periods to form various layers and structures could actually have been formed in only a very short window of time. The video, as the others in the series, has beautiful shots and video of the natural landscape and all explanations are give in simple language and explained so that even children can understand the vocabulary. We have been pleased with every episode in this series, this installment is no different. If you need a supplement to your current science curriculum or if you just want to have some educational videos on hand, this would be a great choice.

  2. I have spent the last half hour viewing the DVD entitled Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice which was filmed onsite in Oregon. This is a science DVD that is presented in a high quality, fast paced, interesting way and it’s all done with a Biblical worldview. This was refreshing to see, as I have always found it difficult to purchase a science video without having to deal with the evolutionary thought process that so easily pervades most scientific films in today’s world. No worries here! Awesome Science Video Series has done a great job of presenting the facts with a Biblical worldview.

    With fourteen year old Noah Justice as the guide, kids of all ages are sure to have a blast as they explore this national site. The Awesome Science Video crew did an outstanding job of filming. Because of the way it was done, it feels like you are actually traveling the road with Noah Justice as your guide.

    Noah Justice has such an engaging that no matter who is viewing will have a great time while learning. How the John Day Fossil Beds were formed was thoroughly explained and kids will learn that not only plant fossils have been found here, but also saber tooth tigers, crocodilians, and small horses. Noah Justices takes time to explain the secular worldview before going into great detail to explain how the worldwide flood caused the massive fossil bed. He also does a fine job of explaining why the secular worldview does not fit with the data that is shown.

    The DVD is easily understood, but topics such as water gaps are gone into and most kids could benefit from watching this DVD several times.. Many, many shots of the fossil beds are given, but the viewer is also able to feel like they are “in the field” as Noah is filmed not only as a guide but also as someone who explores the area. As a side note, I absolutely love his ending line! “And remember, Science, it’s awesome.”

    This wonderful resource could be used for anyone with kids or teens interested in science or home school families looking to incorporate extra curriculum. A study guide is also available to reinforce what was learned. Explore John Day Fossil Beds is a wonderful resource that I can highly recommend.

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