The Six Days of Genesis Package | Book & DVD Set | Paul Taylor

Explore each day of creation in fascinating detail. This set includes one The Six Days of Genesis DVD series and one The Six Days of Genesis book by Paul Taylor

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The Six Days of Genesis Package includes one The Six Days of Genesis DVD series and one The Six Days of Genesis book by Paul Taylor

DVD Series

Explore each day of creation in fascinating detail. The Six Days of Genesis fills a void in the creation student’s library. It follows the six creation days, as found in the first two chapters of the Bible, expounding each Scripture with scientific facts and theologically sound doctrine. Each section of the matching study guide contains relevant Scripture quotations, a brief introduction, a reading assignment from The Six Days of Genesis book, discussion questions, and quotes that correlate with the DVD sessions. You will be revitalized in your study of this paramount foundation of our faith!

The Six Days of Genesis Package contains six DVDs and one study guide, with the following sessions:

  1. In the Beginning, God
  2. The First Three Days
  3. The Bible’s Astronomy
  4. Creatures of Air and Water
  5. Creatures of Land
  6. After His Likeness

With The Six Days of Genesis Package, you’ll enjoy a meticulous exploration of each day of creation, with the intriguing kind of insights that Paul Taylor is so great at uncovering!


Does the word day as found in the Genesis account of Creation really mean a literal 24 hour day? How can we be sure that we when the Bible mentions the word day in relation to the Creation week, it doesn’t mean long spans of time? Can we really trust Genesis as the literal history of the world? Many modern scholars and scientists would have you believe that you cannot, but this fascinating expository study by Paul F. Taylor lays all doubts about the authenticity of the Bible to rest. Follow this spellbinding study as Taylor takes you from the Garden of Eden to the Fall to the Table of Nations.

  • Discover the five powerful truths within the phrase “In the beginning, God…”
  • Learn just how closely evolutionists and creationists agree on the division of land and water on earth.
  • Uncover the biblical clue to where energy came from to power life processes on an earth without form and void.
  • Explore whether there is any truth to the recolonization theory.
  • Author: Paul F. Taylor
  • Number of Pages: 221
  • Binding: Paperback


You are sure to love watching this entire series! Paul Taylor does an excellent job of taking you through the six days of creation, staying very true to the biblical text, while interspersing numerous comments regarding how true science always lines up with God’s Word. The format is unique and personal. Paul clearly guides you through the biblical narrative in a way that is easy for everyone to understand, interjecting his distinctive humor along the way, making it even more enjoyable to watch. This should be required viewing by every Christian family, so that they better understand not only Genesis, but the foundation of the Christian faith and the authority of Scripture. I would highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in strengthening their faith. —Jay Seegert, Co-Founder of Creation Education Center

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