The Complex Circulatory System Book by Dr. Lainna Callentine | MB – Biology

An exploration of how our bodies’ circulatory system works that help students realize they are beautifully and intricately designed.


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Discover the incredible design of your Circulatory system!

Did you know that the blood vessels in your body together are about 60,000 miles long? That would go around the earth two and half times!

The third book in the popular elementary anatomy series God’s Wondrous Machine, focuses on the heart, blood, and blood vessels that make up the body’s circulatory system. Understanding the mechanics of this system in transporting nutrients, blood, chemicals, and more to cells within the body is key to understanding how it helps fight disease as well as maintain a properly balanced temperature.

• Amazing facts like the human heart beats 100,000 times a day, and one drop of blood has 5 million red blood cells in it
• A timeline of important discoveries and innovators as well as key anatomical terms and concepts
• Discussions of disease and proper care for optimal health

This full-color series delights in sharing the truth to children of how they are wonderfully made! Beyond the basics of how and why the body works as it does, it is important to share how the amazing and deliberate design of their bodies enables it to function as it should, just as God meant for it to.

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Elementary Grade Levels


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