The Darwin Effect: Its Influence on Nazism, Eugenics, Racism, Communism, Capitalism & Sexism Book by Jerry Bergman | MB – Creation/Evolution

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The Darwin Effect illustrates how that flawed philosophy has been at the root of the most destructive threads in modern history.


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The Darwin Effect on Society

Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, an imprisoned doctor in the Auschwitz camp, wrote that Nazi doctors hoped studying twins would solve the problem of faster reproduction of superior races.

Click the image below to watch an exclusive interview with David Rives and Dr. Jobe Martin as they discuss the lasting effects of Darwinism and the powerful message presented in this book.

Nazis hoped to have each German mother bear as many twins as possible. What Darwin influenced went far beyond the Nazi death camps:

– Shocking political, social, and scientific legacies of Darwin and his family
– Disturbing disclosure of how over 45 million Christians were killed in the 20th century because of their faith
– Revealing and layman-friendly presentation.

This book is the result of 30 years of research and study carefully documenting the common destructive threads that tie some of history’s most murderous dictators, uncaring capitalists, and aggressive social activists to the flawed concepts of Charles Darwin in an effort to change the world — and how they succeeded. The extermination of races considered “lower” than others, the profound lack of empathy for less-advanced cultures, the corrupted atheistic justifications for taking the lives of millions — all done to advance the agendas of social Darwinism at work in the world today. More than mere theoretical discussions, we have seen the horrifying evidence of the practical results when applying these destructive and misleading concepts to society in the last 100 years!

About the Author

Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at the college level for over 30 years. He has 9 degrees, including 7 graduate degrees, and has authored over 800 publications. He is the author of The Dark Side of Charles Darwin and the co-author of In Six Days and Persuaded by the Evidence.

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2 reviews for The Darwin Effect: Its Influence on Nazism, Eugenics, Racism, Communism, Capitalism & Sexism Book by Jerry Bergman | MB – Creation/Evolution

  1. D.M.

    Once again Former atheist, Dr. Jerry Bergman goes where few authors seem to be willing to go. Into the deep areas of the negative effects that the late Mr. Charles Darwin and his erroneous and even blasphemous ideas has had on society via the minds and actions of far too many of the white, so called elite of Europe and elsewhere.

    It opens with this introduction:
    “This book documents how often-and how easily- Darwinism has been exploited for sinister political ends by wide assortment of persons and movements…Since the turn of the last century, a large number if professors and scientists became Darwinists, and as a result, had an enormous influence and effect on society.”

    The introduction later states:
    “The author has endeavored not to misrepresent Darwinism, but also felt compelled to cover details that are often sorely neglected in much of the evolution literature. The picture documented in this work is not pretty- but both sad and tragic. The words of leading Darwinian scientists, such as Charles Darwin and Ernst Haeckel, whose racist ideas were crystal clear in their writings, were often allowed to speak for themselves.”

    Digging deep in his dedication to expose what many atheists, evolutionists, liberals, Satanists, and countless other anti-God and pseudo-Christian groups would rather keep hidden about the far reaching harmful effects Darwinian Evolution has had on society, Dr. Bergman has once again done us a great service by placing the particulars of those horrible effects at our fingertips.

  2. Paul H.

    I purchased Jerry Bergman’s book, The Darwin Effect, because I know his work to be excellent. The word that came to mind after reading this latest book is “magnificent”! It’s magnificent not only because he offers a coherent thesis on a grand scale, but he also offers interesting tidbits of information (smaller scale). For example, I did not know that my hero, Dr. George Washington Carver, a great African American Scientist, had blue eyes (p155). I also did not know that reality belies the common artistic misrepresentations of human evolution, which often go progressively from darker to lighter skin. Here is the reality; the gorilla, orangutan, and chimp all have white skin (under the hair)! See p35. On the larger scale, Bergman’s book should lead all books about social Darwinism. We see that Darwin significantly motivated Stalin, Hitler, Marx, Mao, Spencer, H.G. Wells, etc. These men were very much affected by Darwin’s lie, and millions of people have been slaughtered as a result. Wells, for example, stated that “there is only one sane and logical thing to be done with a really inferior race, and that is to exterminate it” (p150). Harvard’s S.J. Gould wrote of Lombroso’s criminal-atavism theory that “Criminals are evolutionary throwbacks in our midst.” Responsibility is thus out the door because criminals (according to the idiotic atavism-theory) are just acting out their normal survival-of-the-fittest apish behaviors. This is utter poison. Christ came to save sinners—not atavists. To the blinded mind, the slaughter of humans may be a noble thing (saving the planet from the supposed disease of humanity), but this hellish thinking is the very opposite of what the Lord Jesus Christ came to do. He came not to kill humans—but to save them. If you have not purchased a copy of this book, I hope you will. Please read it and pass your copy on to someone who needs it.

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