The Deadliest Monster | Book | J. F. Baldwin

Are people naturally sinful, or naturally good and corrupted by a bad environment? In the Deadliest Monster, learn how the answer is key to your worldview!


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The Deadliest Monster: An Introduction to Worldviews

What kind of a monster are you? Mr. Hyde? Frankenstein? The answer forms the foundation of your “worldview,” says Baldwin, in this thought-provoking discussion about the nature of man. Are people naturally sinful, or naturally good and corrupted by a bad environment? Baldwin explores a wide range of assumptions about God, truth, morality, psychology, and politics—and offers a systematic catalog of the ways in which the Christian perspective best matches reality.

“Literate, witty, incisive and provocative, The Deadliest Monster is a remarkable book. Part worldview handbook, part theological primer, and part introduction to ‘belles lettres’, it is a genuine delight to both heart and soul. I can’t think of a better book for homeschoolers, Sunday School teachers, youth pastors, or Christian educators to use to understand all the implications of the biblical view of the nature of man. Jeff Baldwin has done us all a great service.” – George Grant

Table of Contents for the Deadliest Monster

  • Prolouge – Mad Scientists
  • 1 – The Monster in the Mirror
  • 2 – A Blind Faith
  • 3 – On Our Best Behavior
  • 4 – Self-Helplessness
  • 5 – A More Perfect Union
  • 6 – A Monstrous Paradox
  • Endnotes

Details for the Deadliest Monster

Format: Paperback Book
Page Count: 272
Audience: Highschool – Adult


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