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The Evolution of a Creationist shares the “faith system” behind evolution, but also the ramifications of evolution on social issues.


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The Evolution of a Creationist…

The Evolution of a Creationist describes Dr. Martin’s personal journey from an evolution-trained scientist to a Bible-believing creationist. Dr. Martin examines many of the claims and theories of prominent evolutionists, comparing their often incredible, inconsistent, pseudo-scientific explanations of origins to the clear and simple description of the Creation as depicted in the Bible.

The result is the realization that evolution, just like creation, is in fact a faith system – in other words, it takes just as much faith, perhaps more, to believe in the Darwinist theory of evolution as it does to take as simple, profound truth the Bible’s clear explanation of a world and a universe brought into existence by the mere thought process of Almighty God.

An additional treat in this book is a series of Marvels of God’s Creation, animals whose incredibly complex design completely defies the ability of evolutionists to come up with any explanation for how the creature could have evolved to its present state.

The Evolution of a Creationist is extensively footnoted and is suitable for a textbook in creation science. It gives all the glory to God for His magnificent creation and provides excellent topics for discussion and engagement of non-believers in debate on the world’s origin, which can be used by the Holy Spirit to bring an evolutionist to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

About Dr. Martin:

Dr. Martin graduated from Bucknell University where he studied biology as well as a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Dental School. After establishing a private practice at NASA in Houston, TX, he served on the dental crew for President Johnson’s Air Force One and the Presidental Fleet.

Dr. Martin joined the staff of Baylor Dental college as a professor when he started studying animals in nature that challenged his traditional science training. For the past 20 years, Dr. Martin has been lecturing students on Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution.

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3 reviews for The Evolution of a Creationist Book by Dr. Jobe Martin | BDM – Creation/Evolution

  1. F. Szeto

    The author put things in a orderly and easy to understand fashion. The little stories after each chapter “Evolution cannot do this” are very informative and amazing. Parents who are concern about their kids learning evolution in school should read this with them and this book give a good counter point. And it also mentioned a bit about the change in the term “science” that started all theory of evolution.

  2. I.R.

    The author writes from the perspective of someone who became a Christian, was satisfied believing in evolution, and then began to question evolution in light of the Bible. So, the bottom line is that this book presents the arguments for young-earth creation directed to Christians who are undecided on this issue or believe that evolution can be worked into scripture. The author presents good arguments why the Bible and evolution are not compatible. This is written with the average person in mind and not at a scientific level. It is definitely worth reading as a good intro to the topic. (on a side note: the author briefly references a creationist named Carl Baugh who has been discredited)

  3. Amanda

    I really enjoyed this book, especially from a scientists perspective. He doesn’t delve deeply into the different scientific arguments, however, he does provide a wealth of information/journals/reviews for further study. I would highly recommend this to any Christian or non-Christian that wants to genuinely learn what the Creationist perspective is.

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