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The Genesis Account defends the biblical creationist position. It explains how the rest of the Bible interprets Genesis in a straightforward manner.


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The Genesis Account

Evidence for the Historicity of the Genesis Account

The Genesis Account defends the biblical creationist position: creation in six consecutive normal days, death resulting from Adam’s fall, and a globe-covering Flood, and confusion of languages at Babel, and in the process, it explains how the rest of the Bible interprets Genesis in the above straightforward manner.

This classic commentary on Genesis 1–11 contains a thorough analysis of the text itself, and has a number of features that set it apart from many other Genesis commentaries.

While skillfully documenting how interpreters throughout Church history have taught their position, and that long-age death-before-sin views were a reaction to 19th-century uniformitarian geology, The Genesis Account also provides cutting-edge scientific support for the Genesis history.

Importantly The Genesis Account demonstrates that all doctrines of Christianity begin in Genesis 1–11, and straightforwardly answers the commonest objections to a plain understanding of these crucial Genesis texts.

A Review of The Genesis Account

A work of this kind is long overdue. It has been almost 40 years since there has been such a thorough, in-depth treatment on the book of Genesis from a biblical (‘young-earth’) creationist perspective. These Genesis 1–11 chapters are some of the most well-known in all of Scripture, and they are often the most attacked due to current prevailing ‘scientific’ views about our history.

Such views cause many well-meaning modern theologians to reinterpret these foundational passages in ways that commit violence on the text, and are contrary to the way that Jesus and the New Testament writers clearly understood them—as describing real historical events.

And they are foundational passages because they speak, among other things, about the Creator God, His plan for humanity, the entrance of sin and death into a once-perfect world, and judgment via a global Flood. The latter is extremely significant because the historical and scientific evidence resulting from this worldwide catastrophe has been wrongly interpreted as evidence for the prevailing paradigm of evolution and millions of years.

And about 100 years after the Flood, there was the Babel dispersion, which is foundational for explaining the origin of different language families and people groups.

Examining those early chapters with an attitude of submission to what they so obviously teach should not be unusual, but in today’s morass of theological confusion, it is nothing short of revolutionary. The consistent thread throughout these historical chapters, one which is so brilliantly highlighted in this book, is the way it all points unfailingly to the coming Messiah, God’s Lamb.

Sarfati’s previous books have been regarded as creationist classics by many. But The Genesis Account is a masterpiece that is the culmination of his many years at the forefront of the creation vs evolution debate. In one sense, with his incredible mastery of science, theology and logic, only Sarfati could write this. And every person who is genuinely interested in what the Bible really says and teaches should take note.

Gary Bates
CEO, Creation Ministries International–US

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Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

1 review for The Genesis Account Book by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati | CMI – Apologetics

  1. Dr Johnny M. Hunt

    Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia
    Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention

    This is a solid intellectual work and will be of real practical value to all who sincerely desire to properly understand the early chapters of Genesis. As an exegetical preacher, I appreciate how The Genesis Account affirms the texts as divinely inspired truth, confirming its role, not only in our wider Christian theology, but also in science and history.

    It unequivocally demonstrates that Genesis is absolutely foundational to the Gospel and much of our Christian doctrine. I further appreciate the intellectual integrity and structure of this work which permit the reader to review historical and theological truths along with technical proofs.

    The Genesis Account shows Genesis to be the very foundation for the inerrant Bible which is the true history of God’s glory throughout eternity, revealing His eternal plan through his Son, Jesus Christ.

    It provides proofs of a precise order to every aspect of creation (for example, the enormous complexity of the simplest cells) so that it is intuitively obvious that extreme intelligence was required to author creation and that any doctrine of evolution would require immense faith in totally unfounded scientific assumptions.

    This book should be considered a must read for all serious students of the Bible.

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