The Mighty Wonderful Oceans DVD by Frank Sherwin | ICR – Apologetics

In The Mighty Wonderful Oceans DVD, ICR zoologist Frank Sherwin dives into Earth’s awesome oceans and reveals God’s handiwork.


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The Mighty Wonderful Oceans DVD

Have you ever stood on the shore and wondered at the ocean’s mystery? Scientists are there with you. Oceans cover the majority of our planet’s surface, yet less than 1% of them has been explored.

In this wide-ranging presentation, ICR zoologist Frank Sherwin reveals God’s handiwork. Despite their many theories, evolutionists are still puzzled about where Earth’s water came from – It appears to have always been here, just like Genesis says. Learn about big creatures like blue whales and even tiny bacteria that help keep our waters clean. From Japanese spider crabs to sand grains, moon tides to deep sea vents, Earth’s oceans show evidence of the Genesis Flood and the truth of God’s Word.

Run Time: 47 minutes

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