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A fresh and compelling look at wild and awesome examples of weather in this revised and updated book in the Wonders of Creation series!

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Discover the Wonders of Weather!

In The New Weather Book:

– Did you know the hottest temperature ever recorded was 134° F (56.7° C) on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley, California?
– The highest recorded surface wind speed was in the May 3, 1999, Oklahoma tornado, measured at 302 mph (486 kph)!
– The most snow to fall in a one-year period is 102 feet (3,150 cm) at Mount Rainier, Washington, from February 19, 1971 to February 18, 1972!

From the practical to the pretty amazing, this book gives essential details into understanding what weather is, how it works, and how other forces that impact on it. Learn why storm chasers and hurricane hunters do what they do and how they are helping to solve storm connected mysteries. Discover what makes winter storms both beautiful and deadly, as well as what is behind weather phenomena like St. Elmo’s Fire in The New Weather Book.

Find out how forecasting is done, what “engine” drives weather on Earth, and why. Discover the importance and patterns of the jet stream, the global water cycle, and why water runoff is essential to the food chain. Learn the classifications of clouds, what causes ball lightning, the life cycle of thunderstorms, and amazing weather facts!

Read important information on climate history and answers to the modern questions of supposed climate change. Get safety tips for preventing dangerous weather related injuries like those from lightning strikes, uncover why thunderstorms form, as well as what we know about the mechanics of a tornado and other extreme weather examples like flash floods, hurricanes and more. A fresh and compelling look at wild and awesome examples of weather in this revised and updated book in the Wonders of Creation series!

About the Author:

Mike Oard earned a master’s degree in atmospheric science in 1973 from the University of Washington, and was a meteorologist with the National Weather Service beginning in 1973, and lead forecaster in Great Falls, Montana from 1981 to 2001. He has been researching topics within the earth sciences for over 40 years, and continues to be a speaker and author in topics related to the weather and the Ice Age.

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1 review for The New Weather Book | Book | Michael Oard | MB

  1. Debra

    This book is fabulous. The absolute coolest thing is that the book is color-coded for different age groups.

    The most basic information is on a white background. This is for everyone, and we’ve been reading that aloud with all the kids (ages 9-18).

    For the middle levels, you would also read the yellow background areas. This tends to cover more detail on weather and climate, and this is where weather vocabulary is covered. I also read this aloud to everyone, as we do enough science around here that my kids are generally ready for a bit more detail.

    The most advanced material, which I think is good for at least upper middle school and above, has a gray background. The idea is that these areas are getting into more complex theories, and the taste of the topic should give advanced students ideas for research. I allow Richard and Trina (ages 11 and 9) to leave, if they aren’t interested. Most of the time they stick around.

    I think the book is probably best for approximately grades 4 and up. If you are doing it with a high school student, Master Books will be coming out with a Parent Lesson Plan (it’s pictured in the book but not yet on the website) that pairs this book with The New Astronomy Book for a 1/2 credit course.

    I will continue to collect every new book that comes out. I love these.

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