Professor Andy McIntosh “Wonders” Video Bundle

Flight of Insects DVD, Bombardier Beetle DVD, Wonder of Flight DVD, Skeptical Look At Atheism DVD, Beauty and Mathematics in Nature DVD, Human Ear DVD.


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The Prof. Andy McIntosh “Wonders” Video Bundle

The Marvelous Flight of Insects

Have you ever wondered how a Dragonfly hovers? How a bumble bee with their small wings & big body? What can we learn from the amazing transformation from caterpillar to butterfly? Learn about all these and more as we look at the incredible design of insects. Professor Andy McIntosh has a P.h.D. in combustion theory from the Cranfield Institute of Technology. Professor McIntosh also has a Doctorate of Science from the University of Wales, and has taught as a Professor at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Bombardier Beetle: Chemical Warfare

The incredible Bombardier Beetle has advanced turrets, machine gun-like speed, and advanced chemical weapons for defense. Learn about the design and complexity that brings glory to our Creator!

The Wonder of Flight

How do birds fly? What makes a feather so special? Could they have evolved or do the facts point to special creation? Learn answers in The Wonder of Flight DVD. Get ready to take off as we explore the incredible design of birds! Feathers, bones, muscles, and more – each bird shows unique design that points to an intelligent Creator. NOT random process over millions of years.

A Skeptical Look At Atheism

Are atheists really masters of their own destiny for choosing reject God? Who chooses what is right or wrong? Take a skeptical look at atheism and see how it stands up to Biblical truth. Atheists believe that they are being objectively skeptical. Are they using sound logic and science? Learn answers in A Skeptical Look At Atheism DVD.

Beauty and Mathematics In Nature

Why are certain things pleasing to the eye? What patterns do we find in the subject mathematics? Does everything point back to a Designer? Science, mathematics, and beauty! How do these three connect? Why would something entirely abstract ever be found in nature? Learn the answers to these questions in Beauty and Mathematics In Nature DVD.

The Incredible Human Ear – A Masterpiece of God

Does the ear show design? Just as a symphony orchestra, each part of the ear is needed for it to function correctly. The Book of Proverbs says that God made the hearing ear and the seeing eye. So, what about the ear? All we see when we look at our ear is a bit of cartilage and muscle covered by skin. However, what looks simple on the surface, is actually very specifically designed!

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