The Puzzle of Ancient Man – Advanced Technology in Past Civilizations? Book by Dr. Donald Chittick

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The Puzzle of Ancient Man: Advanced Technology in Past Civilizations?

Man has always been highly intelligent. From startling ancient inventions to maps, ziggurats, and pyramids, your thinking about “ancient man” will never be the same!

Popular culture has led us to believe that ancient man was primitive, originating from primates and steadily improving through a process of time and chance. But does that agree with reality? What does the evidence left behind from past cultures tell us? Was ancient man simple and primitive as we have been taught, or did the level of science and technology existing thousands of years ago rival–or even surpass–the level of ours today in the 21st century?

In The Puzzle of Ancient Man, Dr. Chittick examines more details of technology, evidence of ancient machine power, and optical technology possessed by ancient people. Examine what the facts say about ancient man–facts that have long gone unnoticed and often times ignored by today’s secular culture.

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2 reviews for The Puzzle of Ancient Man – Advanced Technology in Past Civilizations? Book by Dr. Donald Chittick

  1. I used to own this book; but had donated it to a college library in Elgin, IL. I was glad to find a replacement copy. The only down side is that this book is a later edition and is missing some of the artifact pictures from the earlier copy. It does a great job of showing that ancient man was very advanced in the past, which shows the foolishness of the religion of evolution which claims man was dumb and ignorant and is slowly getting smarter. It actually shows pretty advanced technology by ancient peoples. For those who believe the Holy Bible this book will not come as a surprise in the findings it renders.

  2. The Puzzle of Ancient Man is a must-read for every Christian apologist. It explodes the myth that ancient man was ‘primitive’ in his technological skills. The stone-man to modern-man pictures seen in many books have completely confused the picture of ancient man and ancient technological advances. This is a thoroughly researched book, and the second edition is a collectors’ item.

    I could not put down the book once I started reading it and I highly recommend it.

    *** Must-read for every Christian apologist
    *** The language and style is very simple
    *** Eminently readble
    *** Sufficient number of illustrations

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