The Rocks Cry Out 3 Volume Set: 18 Lessons on 9 DVDs

Very few people have ever seen a visual presentation of the evidence supporting a Biblical creation viewpoint. The Rocks Cry Out curriculum is the perfect tool for you to change this for your church or small group.


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The Rocks Cry Out 3 Volume Set – 18 Lessons on 9 DVDs

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lessons 1-6

Very, very few people have ever seen a fascinating, visual presentation of the evidence supporting a Biblical creation viewpoint. The Rocks Cry Out curriculum lessons 1-6 provides the perfect tool for you to change this for your church or small group. This curriculum works equally well as a church class for youth/adults or as a study for home schoolers and small fellowship groups.  It is also enjoyable to simply watch with family and friends.  If used as a class, a minimum of 45 minutes is needed but it is preferable to have 60 minutes to allow for discussion time.  Longer time slots work by simply allow for longer discussions.  Leaders will likely need to limit discussion time in order to finish the content each week (total video time varies from 40 – 50 minutes).

This is not just a class on the evidence for creation.  The goal of The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lessons is to increase participants trust in the reliability and accuracy of God’s Word.  In this way they are far more likely to share their faith with others.  Keep guiding the discussion back to this central issue.  Each lesson has question breaks and suggested questions following the Opening Segment and Main Teaching.  Each DVD follows this general outline:

  • The Introduction is basically a “teaser” used to arouse people’s interest. It is best viewed by the class a week before the lesson. The Lesson 1 Introduction should be used to promote the class.
  • The Opening Segment always focuses on why this issue matters.
  • The Main Teaching deals with some aspect of science or history which confirms the reliability and accuracy of God’s Word. This section is always the longest.
  • The Closing Segment answers the issue of why so many people seem blind to, or uninterested in, Biblical truth and the evidence for creation.
  • The Skeptic Rebuttal addresses what skeptics say about the evidence supporting a Biblical creation model – and why they are wrong!

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lesson 1: Science Testifies to Creation

The most basic laws of science confirm the absolute fact that there is a creator responsible for creation. Using visual demonstrations of how we can know that neither the universe nor life could have made itself, this lesson reveals how leaving this reality out of our thinking ultimately destroys a culture’s trust in Christianity and blinds people to the truth.

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lesson 2: The Red Record

The Red Record reveals an astounding confirmation of the Biblical account of early earth history – including creation, the entrance of death, the worldwide flood, intriguing references to the post flood ice age, and other details of earth history. This lesson recounts the captivating story of the discovery/translation/preservation of this remarkable, yet little known, Native American document and provides a fascinating confirmation of how the ice age fits into Biblical history.

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lesson 3: Design Testifies to Creation

How can we know if design is the result of natural processes or intelligence?  This lesson travels from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to the Badland National Park and Mt. Rushmore to show how the design of life testifies to God as its designer.  We’ll take a closer look at the supposed mechanisms driving evolution (mutations and natural selection) to show the impossibility of these forces driving life upward in complexity.

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lesson 4: Noah’s Flood and Geology

The starting assumption of modern geology is slow processes and lots of time to create the sedimentary rock layers of the Earth.  Therefore, modern geologists cannot even consider the possibility of a world-covering flood which would have created these rock layers rapidly and recently.  This lesson examines the Top 7 Evidences for the rapid deposition of the rock layers of the Earth and the implications of leaving this Biblical model out of our thinking.

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lesson 5: Dinosaurs and Dragons

Dinosaurs are used extensively to convince children that evolution is a fact and mankind evolved to appear upon the Earth millions of years AFTER dinosaurs went extinct. Yet cultures around the world and throughout history have references to these creatures. This lesson examines how dinosaurs fit into biblical history and reveals recent irrefutable discoveries confirming that dinosaurs were created quite recently – right alongside mankind.

The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lesson 6: The Age of Creation

The belief in billions of years of Earth history implies that death, disease, bloodshed, and extinction have been around long before mankind appeared. If this were true, death is not really the penalty for mankind’s sin and God is the “author of death”. This lesson examines exactly how dating methods work, shows why they give erroneous results, and climaxes with a tour through a typical science and history museum which all too often are simply billion-dollar propaganda machines promoting non-biblical philosophical beliefs disguised as science.

Volume II of The Rocks Cry Out creation curriculum is a fascinating video series for your church, small group, or family to watch. The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum Lessons 7-12, includes a Leader’s Guide. Use it to connect science & history to the Bible and educate others with Biblical truth!

  • Lesson 7 – Science is a Tool (How the very laws of science support the fact that we have a Creator)
  • Lesson 8 – The Grand Canyon (The Grand Canyon is a perfect example of the evidence supporting a worldwide flood)
  • Lesson 9 – Explosive Evidence for Creation (Mt. St. Helens provides a model to understand rapid geological change happening during the flood of Noah)
  • Lesson 10 – Science Starts with Creation (Consensus does not determine truth and not all scientists believe in evolution)
  • Lesson 11 – Brilliant: Made in the Image of God (Ancient cultures reveal rapid development of intelligence by God, not slow evolution of mankind)
  • Lesson 12 – A Matter of Time (The vast majority of dating methods reveal a recent creation)

The Rocks Cry Out DVD Series Vol. III

The Rocks Cry Out DVD Series Vol. III These 45-60 minute lessons have been filmed on location around the United States and make a wonderful curriculum for Sunday School classes, small groups, and home-schoolers. Put these to use in your home or church to connect God’s Word to science, true world history, and reality.
  • LESSON 13: Evidence for the rapid depositing of earth’s rock layers.
  • LESSON 14: Designs from nature that have led to discoveries which have changed human history.
  • LESSON 15: How an enormous flood restructured Eastern Washington and rapidly carved the Columbia River valley.
  • LESSON 16: The simplest cell is far too complex to have made itself.
  • LESSON 17: Ancient cultures reveal the brilliance and creativity of mankind from the moment of creation.
  • LESSON 18: What are those intermediate fossil links between man and ape?


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