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In, Discovering Our Nation’s Heritage | The Story of In God We Trust, Tiner says what led to the phrase “In God We Trust” being placed on American currency.


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Discovering Our Nation’s Heritage | The Story of In God We Trust

Hardcover: 48 pages

A few coins jingle in a pocket, Paper bills pass through many hands each day. Do we stop to think about the words printed on our money? Who is responsible for telling the world that we trust in God?

In this wonderful book, John Hudson Tiner reveals the events that led to the phrase “In God We Trust” finding a place on American coins and currency. The practice isn’t old as you think!

The world’s beacon of freedom knows where ultimate freedom comes from, and this great story will inspire its citizens.


John Hudson Tiner is the author of textbooks, science curriculum material, character-building biographies, and books on a variety of other subjects. His books entertain while they increase a person’s knowledge of the essentials of the subject. He has a master’s degree from Duke University. He brings a wide range of exciting facts together to write more than 1,000 published manuscripts, including 80 books, for all age groups.

He is well known for his books for teens and young people including the “Exploring the World of” series for Master book and the Sowers Series for Mott Media. He says, “Young readers of today deserve to experience the thrill and wonder of learning about science. They delight in learning new facts, especially if the facts are presented in an exciting way.”

John Hudson Tiner’s popular biographies tell the lives of people who left the world in a better condition than they found it. He says, “After the research is finished, a wonderful moment occurs when the story takes over and the characters come alive. I am no longer a writer, but a time traveler who stands unobserved in the shadows and reports the events as they occur.”

His material has been translated into a variety of languages including Spanish, Russian, and German.

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