The Universe | Book | Tom DeRosa & Carolyn Reeves | MB

Learn all about astronomy and the Universe!


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Learn all about astronomy and the Universe!

Through simple experiments and fact-finding problems, the Investigate the Possibilities astronomy curriculum brings to light God’s design of this massive and intricate universe.

Students will:

• Read about the historical discoveries of great scientists of the past like Kepler, Galileo, and Newton, and how their words impact us today
• Explore astronomy from the first observations of space, the creation of the telescope, the history of flight, and more
• Be encouraged in their faith, reading Scriptures that highlight God’s magnificent hand in creation.

The Universe: From Comets to Constellations helps students become engaged in the scientific process through their own natural curiosity. Using everyday household items, the inexpensive experiments help bring science to life.

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88 pages

Suggested Grade Level

Grades 3-6


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