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Thinking Like a Christian DVD Series #2 (TLAC) is a series specifically designed to equip people to apply biblical knowledge to every area of life.




Thinking Like A Christian DVD Series #2 (Sessions 7-12)

Thinking Like a Christian (TLAC) is a 12-class series specifically designed to equip parents, adult and high school Bible study groups, and home groups to apply their biblical knowledge to every area of life, comparing and contrasting the bad ideas the world throws at us with the good ideas of God.

By comparing a biblical worldview with the other major worldviews popular in our world today, this course aims to equip parents to model and teach their children to think through these ideas critically and for themselves.

As children reach their teenage years, we believe these classes will prove to be absolutely fundamental in preparing them for their transition into independent adulthood.

Included in Thinking Like A Christian DVD Series #2 (Sessions 7-12)

A Biblical Worldview of Psychology (DVD, Study Guide)
Everyone has problems. Some have problems with relationships, others with anger, depression or guilt. What is the Christian remedy and how does it compare to the “answers” offered by other religions and philosophies?

A Biblical Worldview of Ethics (DVD, Study Guide)
The study of ethics concerns the question “what is right?”. However, in today’s world we are told there is no such thing as absolute right or wrong, and absolute truth doesn’t exist. What does the Bible teach and what are the results in the culture of NOT living by Biblical truth?

A Biblical Worldview of Sociology (DVD, Study Guide)
What makes some societies thrive and others suffer? What is the “backbone” of society and how important is the home and church? What is more important to God, the individual or the nation? To what extent is the church responsible for the society?

A Biblical Worldview of Law (DVD, Study Guide)
Is it true that America law was based on Biblical principles? Is it true that “you cannot legislate morality”? Does the phrase “Separation of church and state” appear in the constitution? Are Christians accountable to the Laws in the Bible?

A Biblical Worldview of Politics (DVD, Study Guide)
Should Christians be involved in Politics? Who in the Bible was? Should pastors be preaching about politics from the pulpit? Should Christians make a distinction between what is secular versus what is spiritual? Do Christians have a responsibility to vote? What is the result of Christians not participating in the political process?

A Biblical Worldview of Education (DVD, Study Guide)
What does the Bible say about the Christian’s role in educating our children? What was the philosophy of the Founding Fathers toward religion and education? What is the philosophy (or religion) of our current public education system?

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