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Thinking Like a Christian DVD Series #1 (TLAC) is a 12-class series specifically designed to equip people to apply biblical knowledge to every area of life.


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Thinking Like A Christian DVD Series #1

Thinking Like a Christian (TLAC) is a 12-class series specifically designed to equip parents, adult and high school Bible study groups, and home groups to apply their biblical knowledge to every area of life, comparing and contrasting the bad ideas the world throws at us with the good ideas of God. By comparing a biblical worldview with the other major worldviews popular in our world today, this course aims to equip parents to model and teach their children to think through these ideas critically and for themselves. As children reach their teenage years, we believe these classes will prove to be absolutely fundamental in preparing them for their transition into independent adulthood.

Included in Thinking Like A Christian DVD Series #1

What is a worldview; why does it matter? (DVD, Study Guide)
What if Christ never lived? What difference does a Biblical worldview make?
A Biblical Worldview of History (DVD, Study Guide)
Whatever worldview we base our lives upon must have a reliable foundation. How reliable, then, is the Bible compared to other ancient books?
A Biblical Worldview of Theology (DVD, Study Guide)
How can we know that there is a God? What is God like? What difference does our theology make in our lives?
A Biblical Worldview of Philosophy (DVD, Study Guide)
The study of Ideas. What is Real? What is True? Is truth absolute or relative? How does the Christian worldview contrast with all others?
A Biblical Worldview of Economics (DVD, Study Guide)
Compares and contrasts Biblically-based Free Market Enterprise (Capitalism) with the Socialist/Marxist/Communist economic systems. What does the Bible say about entitlement programs? What does Christ teach?
A Biblical Worldview of Science (DVD, Study Guide)
What influence has either Christianity or Darwinian Evolution had on Science and society? We will compare and contrast the foundational arguments of intelligent design against those of Darwinian Evolution to see which one is logical and which is not.

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