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This magnet features a Tyrannosaurus-Rex with it’s mouth open along with a water-color feel. Buy this magnet today on the Creation Superstore!


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This magnet features a Tyrannosaurus-Rex with it’s mouth open along with a beautiful water-color feel.

In the book Dinosaurs by Design written by Duane T. Gish, he talks about T. Rex’s:

“Tyrannosaurus is not only one of the most famous of dinosaurs, but it is also the largest carnivore. They stood 20 feet tall and were 50 feet long and weighted 6 to 7 tons-as large as a big semi-truck with a trailer! They certainly made a BIG impression with their 24 inch footprints. No wonder this dinosaur is called Tyrannosaurus rex, “king of the tyrant lizards.” He was bigger than the Allosaurus, but had one noticeable difference-his arms were much shorter. No one has figured out just what he did with his weak little arms. They weren’t long enough to even reach his chin and only had two fingers.”

Even though we may not understand why the T. Rex had such little arms, we understand that God had a master design in mind and that the T. Rex was perfectly designed exactly how He wanted it to be.

Buy this magnet today and check out the Dinosaurs by Design book on the Creation Superstore!

Dinosaurs By Design Book by Duane Gish | MB – Paleontology

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.75 in


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