Ultimate Apologetics DVD Set by Dr. Jason Lisle

4-DVD boxed set. With clear teaching and easy-to-understand illustrations, astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle reveals how to defend Genesis against all criticism.

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The Ultimate Apologetics DVD Set

The Ultimate Apologetics Set explains how to defend biblical creation in a way that is absolutely irrefutable. Unlike so much literature on origins, this series deals with the heart of the issue, showing that the Bible is the bottom-line. The Bible must indeed be what it claims to be: the authoritative Word of God. Otherwise the gospel message itself—of original sin and the need for Jesus Christ—is without foundation.

In The Ultimate Apologetics Set, Dr. Jason Lisle reveals how to defend Genesis against all criticism. Lisle’s is a technique that anyone can learn, and includes many real-life examples.

Included in The Ultimate Apologetics Set:

Nuclear Strength Apologetics 1 & 2 DVDs

Astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle presents a presuppositional approach to apologetics, and shows why it is the best method for defending the faith. Giving numerous examples of real-world discussions, Dr. Lisle demonstrates how to expose the inconsistencies and arbitrariness in secular worldviews, while also demonstrating the logic and consistency of the biblical worldview.

Evolution and Logical Fallacies DVD

In this informative presentation, videoed before hundreds at AiG’s Creation College 3, Dr. Jason Lisle gives viewers a fast-paced course on logic. In addition to reviewing numerous logical fallacies, Dr. Lisle gives examples of how evolutionists often use fallacious arguments in arguing for their position. Learning to recognize these fallacies provides a whole new opportunity for defending the Christian faith and arguing for the truth of creation.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate DVD

In this companion to his book by the same name, Dr. Lisle presents an ultimate proof for the existence of God and the truth of creation. He goes beyond the battle over “evidence,” and demonstrates why and how we are to defend the faith. Dr. Lisle shows why secular worldviews cannot stand up to logical scrutiny, and how only the Christian worldview can account for the world we live in. Refreshing and powerful!

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