What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy, Vol I Our Created Solar System and Our Created Stars and Galaxies | DVD Third Edition | Spike Psarris | CAM

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Now includes volumes 1 and 2

Volume 1: Our Created Solar System DVD

The best evolutionary models say that many of the planets in our solar system should not exist. Yet there they are. Did God create our Solar System less than 10,000 years ago, as the Bible says? Or did it form all by itself from a cloud of gas 4,6000,000,000 years ago, as secular astronomers claim? Which account of history is true? Recent discoveries in space have supported the Biblical account of astronomy. Each planet in our Solar System defies the evolutionary model in multiple ways. Many of the planets and moons appear to be young, not billions of years old. Plus, these objects show evidence of design, not random processes. In this video, you will tour our magnificent Solar System, and explore these wonders in the heavens. Along the way, you will visit each of the planets and many of their moons, through more than 230 breath-taking photographs and graphics from NASA and other sources. Evolutionary models say that many of the planets in our solar system should not exist. But here they are. Watch what you aren’t being told about astronomy.

Volume 2: Our Created Stars and Galaxies DVD

We live in a Universe of overwhelming size and beauty. It contains about 100 billion galaxies, each of which contains about 100 billion stars. Did you know that according to the secular model, none of them should exist? In this video you’ll see how recent discoveries contradict the naturalistic view of history. You’ll hear the words of secular astronomers, as they admit that their models fail to explain the contents of the universe. You’ll discover evidence for design in the heavenly bodies. And you’ll see over 130 breathtaking photographs, videos, and graphics from NASA and other sources, revealing some of the most beautiful objects in the Universe. The Bible tells us that God created the heavens for His own purposes. Viewing the Universe in the light of Scripture gives us tremendous insight into His majesty, His character, and what He has done for us. Discover how stars and galaxies proclaim the glory of the Creator!

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3 reviews for What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy, Vol I Our Created Solar System and Our Created Stars and Galaxies | DVD Third Edition | Spike Psarris | CAM

  1. I am an engineer at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and I was so impressed with the scientific and presentation quality that I ordered 4 more copies. This video is so professionally done that children through adults will enjoy learning how our solar system was formed. I have watched it at least 5 times. Out of the hundreds of DVDs and books I have on these subjects, this is the best astronomy DVD I have seen. My wife just watched it with me and she now wants to send a copy to our three grandkids in Michigan for their school work (7, 8, 9 years old). She is homeschooling our grandkids remotely from Florida.

    A link to this DVD needs to be added to the MiraculousBible.org website (The site answers: What would prove that the Bible is a miracle? Or what would be considered as evidence it could only be from God? Videos like this one are one of the many proofs.). I have discussed evolution’s many theories with many scientists at KSC. They want proof (scientific, historical, mathematical, logical, etc.) that the Bible is a reliable book. This video provides some of those proofs for the Bible and shows you some of the miracles required for evolution (solar system formation).

    Evolutionists hide the many miracles that would be required if evolution was true. But scientists and engineers like this (DVD’s Spike Psarris) will be attacked from every corner of the educational & media establishment because the evidence shown in the DVD is so compelling that anyone can understand that evolutionists are hiding evolution’s miracles.

    Scientists (& truth seekers) are supposed to follow the evidence, not popular opinion or emotional arguments. So notice the arguments made against this DVD. Notice their emotions and appeal to majority opinions. Then examine the evidences for yourself. Stop letting your family be led as sheep to the slaughter. The evidence speaks for itself. Again, see […] for even more proofs.

    Which miracles will you believe in? I will believe in the miracles that have the evidences to back them up.

  2. An extremely well done and up-to-date video narrated by a former NASA scientist. He explains complicated concepts in understandable terms to non-scientists. As the title states, there is a lot of misinformation in the media today about how the planets are formed. After seeing this video you will see the giant holes in many of the current theories, big bang and such, and probably won’t enjoy watching the Nova series as much. As an electrical engineer I appreciated the balanced approach to this topic backing things up with documented quotes from scientific literature. Regardless if you believe in creation or not, it’s important to become informed on the current state of scientific thinking is on this important topic.

  3. Vinnie Harned

    Recently I got my hands on what could possibly be the most awesome Creation Astronomy Dvd that I’ve ever watched. ‘What you aren’t Being told about Astronomy is a Dvd series by Spike Psarris. The first volume in the series covers the solar system*.
    Spke Psarris was previously an engineer in the United States’ military space program. He entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist. He left it as a creationist and a Christian. This video shows some of what convinced him that creation was true.
    Spike does a good job in the video of not only showing the obscurity of the evolutionary world view, but also shows the evidence for the Biblical account of creation. Spike also points out that although we can find a lot of evidence for creation, science can never completely prove historical events. Even so, we can still see the evidence of God in the universe around us.
    After being guided through the entire solar system in the DVD, I feel much more informed (yes that’s right, I don’t know everything), and now I can’t wait to get my hands onto volume 2!

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