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Where Birds Eat Horses: The Language of Evolution shows that evidence for evolution does not reside in observational science, but in the clever use of language.

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The Language of Evolution Has an Impact

A BBC documentary series showed a giant, extinct, supposedly carnivorous bird catching and eating a tiny alleged ancestor of the horse. “This is a world where birds eat horses”, intoned the Oscar-nominated actor, voicing the narration. The evidence for this? One fossil gastornis (a giant bird), six fossil propalaeotheria (supposed horse ancestors) and one fossil bunch of grapes (that caused the “horses” to get tipsy, and lose concentration) all found together in one place.

From this find was woven a fascinating story, which was then presented, as if it were a wildlife documentary. Where Birds Eat Horses: The Language of Evolution shows that evidence for evolution does not reside in observational science, but in the clever use of language. The book assists the reader in spotting such unscientific or pseudo-scientific language in textbooks, popular science articles, and documentary films.

Without needing a degree in science, the actual science in such media can still easily be filtered from the use of fuzzy words, magic words and false presuppositions. It is shown that the acceptance of the truth of Genesis is a much better foundation for science than the mythologies of evolution.

What People are Saying:

Paul Taylor has done the creation community a service by providing a book that not only draws attention to a common problem with evolutionary literature, but has also taken it a step further in helping the layperson to spot these errors as well. In a society enamored with and too often intimidated by science, we frequently blindly accept everything in print when it comes from a scientific source. With wit and wisdom, Paul helps cut through the fog and exposes the ‘just so stories’ that are too pervasive in education today. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to be better positioned to spot error and defend their faith.

– Jay Seegert, Author and Managing Director of the Creation Education Center.

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4 reviews for Where Birds Eat Horses | The Language of Evolution | Book | Paul Taylor

  1. Carl Kerby, international speaker, President and Founder of Reasons for Hope

    Paul Taylor understands the importance of critical thinking! In a time when so many young people raised in the church are dropping by the wayside there is a great need for practical, straight forward teaching on applying our faith in a world that no longer believes in truth. Paul’s book, ‘Where Birds Eat Horses,’ is one of those tools! The chapter on ‘Fuzzy Word Analysis’ alone is vitally important. Every parent and youth should be trained in ‘HOW’ to think, not ‘WHAT’ to think! My prayer is that the Lord will use ‘Where Birds Eat Horses’ to train many to do just that. To God be the glory.

  2. Ray Comfort, Evangelist, Author and CEO/Founder of Living Waters Ministries

    Darwinian evolution is unscientific, unobservable, unbelievable, but understandable in a world that hates God. Paul Taylor is uniquely gifted with insight into this groundless and godless philosophy. May God use this book to equip millions.

  3. Carl Gallups, Pastor and Best-selling author of “Final Warning”

    Paul Taylor’s WHERE BIRDS EAT HORSES engrosses the reader from the very first page. His brilliant explanation concerning ‘fuzzy’ words and ‘magic’ words are a real game changer in the analysis of the plethora of pseudoscientific declarations of evolution-speak with which we are continually pummeled. Paul has penned yet another stellar defense of the biblical account of creation. You must have this book!

  4. Dr. Jerry Bergman, Speaker, Researcher and Author of many books

    The goal of the workbook is to help students and others think critically about the claims made for Darwinism. In short, Paul Taylor succeeds wonderfully in achieving this important goal. After discussing the basic common fallacies of thinking used by evolutionists in their writing, numerous examples from the evolutionary literature are presented that effectively illustrate these fallacies. First, some actual examples were given that were highlighted to give the student practice in applying the concepts reviewed in the first part of the book, then examples that students can do on their own, or in a group, were provided. Once these keys to critical thinking are pointed out, and the student is given some examples to practices, the student should be able to use these tools to critically evaluate literature intended to persuade readers of the validity of Darwinism.

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