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The Hebrew Word “YOM” – What’s in a Day?

Today there is a great deal of discussion about the use of the Hebrew word ‘yom’ or ‘day’, found in the first two chapters of Genesis.

Some people believe that this word represents long periods of time. That is exactly what evolution needs to discredit the creation account found in our Bible.

Some would lead us to believe that the universe was formed almost 14 billion years ago, the earth around 4.5 billion years ago – billions of years after a supposed Big Bang created all matter from nothing–and that we, as human beings, are the descendants of ape like creatures, over the past 50 million years evolving into our current form.

No matter how one interprets the word DAY, the evolutionary point of view is in direct contradiction of what we find in the creation account of Genesis — for the Bible plainly states that the earth was created first – then later the sun, moon, and stars.

Molecular Biologists – even those with a secular worldview realize that long periods of time are needed for unproven theories of random chance generation to be in the realm of possibility. But there is nothing in recorded history (spanning thousands of years) that documents one creature evolving into an entirely different kind of animal. Variations? YES. Transformation into an entirely different kind? Absolutely not!

Atheistic evolution may need billions of years, but as believers we do not.

Jesus Christ said that Moses wrote of Him and questioned how those who discounted the writings of Moses could possibly believe the things that He Himself said. Therein lies the problem. Those attending our schools and universities are being taught that the writings of Moses cannot be taken literally.

Unproven theories of evolution in direct contradiction to the creation account we read in Genesis are being presented AS FACT – and many young people come away questioning everything – including the Gospel of Christ.

Is God capable of creating everything in six literal days or did he need billions of years? We need to take a look at the Hebrew word ‘yom’ or ‘day’ IN CONTEXT and find out what the Bible really says.

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1 review for The Hebrew Word “YOM” – What’s in a Day? | Video | David Rives & Paul Taylor | Wonders Without Number

  1. Vinnie Harned

    The video did a good job of explaining why we know what Genesis was referring to and why it matters. Many Christians get up in arms when it comes to Genesis and will argue that God could’ve used evolution or created the earth in millions of years. These arguments are generally the result of the teaching that science supports the old age of the universe so Christians feel the need to reinterpret the Bible to fit the scientific theories of the day. That’s what makes a resource like this one necessary.

    Vincent Harned –

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