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In World Religions, learn what some of the best-known modern religions teach, how they differ from biblical Christianity, and how to share the Gospel.

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Are you ready to witness to a neighbor or coworker of another faith?

The number of people practicing religions other than Christianity grows every year. How do we reach these precious people with the good news of the gospel? These DVDs will be a great help. Watch as experts reveal what some of the best-known modern religions teach, how they differ from biblical Christianity, and how you can effectively share the gospel with these lost souls.

The World Religions 8 DVD set includes:

Marks of a Cult

What’s the difference between core doctrines and secondary doctrines of Christianity? What are the marks of a cult? In this session, Dr. Bird gives numerous examples of cults and how they deny core doctrines.

Two Religions

There are only two religions in the world! Ken Ham explains the importance of recognizing this and its impact on our everyday lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

Sharing the Gospel with Mormons

Do the Mormons actually have new truth about Jesus not contained in the Bible? While many of the words sound the same, Mormon doctrine strays far from biblical truth. Learn how to share the rest Christ offers to Mormons.

Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

While they believe that there is one true God, Muslims reject Jesus as the Savior that can bring them eternal life and rest from their striving. Join Roger Patterson as he explains this and equips you to share the gospel with Muslims.

Biblical Christianity

What sets biblical Christianity apart from all other religions? Dr. Corey Abney explains how knowing the true religion is the key to spotting false religions and cults.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

You will benefit from Dr. Rhodes’ decades of experience and research that will help you distinguish biblical truth from cultic error. Gain confidence to speak gospel truth the next time a Jehovah’s Witness comes to your door.


Some view Judaism–the religion of traditional Jews—as “a sister religion” to Christianity. This talk helps you better understand Judaism to make you a more effective witness for the gospel.

Refutations of World Religions

In this fascinating talk, Bodie Hodge dives into the philosophical and theological refutations of the world’s false religions.

Click the Title to view each one individually or get the whole set together here. Each of the eight DVDs is approximately one hour long and includes English subtitles

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