The "Code" of Life and Genetic Entropy - by David Rives

The “Code” of Life and Genetic Entropy – by David Rives

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DNA – The Code of Life

Each time I travel and see beautiful places around the world, I see God’s amazing Creation. In fact, there is a lot of life–an abundance of life all around us, whether a bird floating above the water, or a cricket chirping in the trees, or a biker riding on a scenic trail. It really is surprising that some people believe that all of that came from pond scum, an amoeba, over millions and millions of years.

What is more interesting is that all these things use DNA. DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid, is like the instruction book that makes us as humans who we are, and yet all of life uses the same genetic language of DNA.

If we were to think about this from an evolutionary standpoint, doesn’t it make sense that somewhere on earth, some creature may have evolved using a different type of language system? Instead, what we find is that every creature and plant alive today uses the same information language system: DNA.

I believe that this points to the intelligence of the Creator, a Mind Who spoke everything into existence using the intelligent language of DNA, and then He made us as the last of Creation, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Genetic Entropy

Why should you believe in creation, and not evolution? I mean, scientifically speaking. Haven’t we proven that evolution is a fact?

Did you know that for every generation that passes, more and more mistakes are piling up in the human genome? This means your DNA has more mistakes than your parent’s DNA, which has more mistakes than their parents’ DNA, which has more mistakes than their parents, which has—well, you get the point!

These mistakes are caused by mutations, which are basically coping errors when DNA is replicated. Now, thankfully for us, most of these mutations have no noticeable effect. But, even if we do not notice them, they are still there, corrupting our DNA. A conservative estimate says that 100-300 new mutations occur in human reproductive cells per individual per generation. Some numbers are as high as 1000 new mutations per individual per generation. That is a lot of mistakes!

Now, most people think that natural selection will get rid of these mutations. After all, isn’t that its job? Well, it is not quite that easy. You see, natural selection can only select against mutations that have a noticeable and significant effect – in the moment! If the mutation is neutral or even if it’s harmful, but hasn’t caused death or serious harm, natural selection won’t get rid of it because it can’t see it.

This leads to what is known as “genetic entropy.” This means that each generation carries all the mutations of previous generations, plus its own new mutations. And with the high mutation rate, genetic entropy is increasing quickly. In fact, it is increasing so fast there is no way humans have been on the planet for millions of years, like evolution suggests. Our genetic code would be so burdened with mutations, we would be such a mess that we would be extinct!

Our genetic code does not look like it has been mutating for even tens of thousands of years. Instead, it looks like it was incredibly well designed and has only been subject to the degrading influence of mutations for a short time. What does this imply? It certainly fits with the Biblical historical accounts, that God created mankind about 6,000 years ago, with a perfect genome. It was not until after sin entered the world that mutations began to corrupt our DNA, and there has not been enough time since then to completely destroy our genome.

Just one more scientific reason that you shouldn’t believe in human evolution. It takes a LOT of faith.

I’m David Rives, Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

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  1. I love your program. I have long been a creationist…probably because I’m intelligent enough to realize that zero times is zero….The truth is: Nothing comes out of nothing….There had to be a wonderful force behind this Grand and Glorious Universe. Just like mathematics, it all fits together and it didn’t do that by itself.

    Thanks for everything you do…The strength of your truth will eventually get through to people who actually “think”…
    Well thought out questions are the beginning of knowledge!

  2. great article-My understanding is that the average IQ is going down one point per century-very fast!

  3. Thank you David for your ministry. You and your staff are a blessing to us all.

    As One

  4. I love that your ministry is doing so much to help people realize just how amazing our bodies are and how improbable that chance has to do with it’s creation. I wish more schools taught this. A thinking person would realize the absurdity of the theory of evolution if students were given an opportunity to study Creationism and compare the two. When I went to college and my biology teacher said that the theory of evolution was a fact and explained her reasoning, I was amazed that a person who studied the human body and how incredibly complex it was, could even come to that conclusion. Thanks for making the truth available for those who want to know it. Financially supporting this ministry is a pleasure!

  5. I have trouble speaking English … but mister google is a bit there with us .
    The germ is an organism, not a component, and DNA does not determine the tree of the offspring. it determines the type of mutations within the line inherited from the 6000 years
    God bless You by name of Jesus the son

  6. I LOVE your TV show. Please it going.

  7. In Saint Augustine’s book “The City Of God” written in the 300AD’s he states something to the effect that at that time the christians believed the earth was about 6400 years old which would make creation about 8000 years old today. He also stated the concept of creation being thousands and thousands of years old possibly hundreds of thousands of years old came from the Egyptians.

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